At TRG we are dedicated to helping girls and young women grow into self sufficient, capable, and artistic leaders.  Thus, we have created and developed theatre based workshops that nourish the soul, feed the brain, and inspire the spirit of creativity in our young people.



Unity amongst young women and girls is constantly being tested in today’s world. We live in a society of perpetual inherited misogyny whether it’s being cat called on the street, being bullied within a group of friends, or seeing women at a disadvantage at home, or in the media. Our theatre based workshop aims to build confidence, leadership skills, and a relentless desire to positively affect change within ourselves, our community, and beyond.


As a young person, it’s difficult to understand your place in society and how you can use your own ideas to make a difference. Using visual and performing arts, we encourage young women to challenge themselves in ways they may not be used to, using their bodies, voices and writing skills to tell personal stories of overcoming adversity and building self worth. Beginning every workshop with a vocal and physical warm up which leads us into a community building exercise. A group discussion illuminating our individual struggles as women and writing these as narratives culminating with a performance piece.


Please contact us for inquiries about booking us to come and hold a workshop at your school, after school program, or summer camp in the New York City area.